Our office specializes in accounting service (bookkeeping, bookkeeping review, audit, payroll), tax consulting and business consulting. 


The key factor of a successful business is updating and keeping abreast of constantly changing comprehensive regulations, with a special focus on accounting and tax laws.


These days, using the professional tax consultant services, particularly in the planning stages, is not only efficient and economic, but is fast becoming indispensable for entrepreneurs. 


Our certified tax professionals review each and every business procedure with utmost professionalism, care and apply their best know-how so that the client has a full and complete understanding of the tax consequences, as well as optimizing the client’s tax obligations by focusing their attention on each case at hand, allowing them total attention and commitment to each client. 


With 15 years experience behind them, our consultants stand by ready to assist our clients with their official tax authority reviews, self – revisions, official resolutions and reviews and corresponding related topics.