Our services

Tax Services

  • General taxation,
  • Tax return compilation, countersign
  • Create unique expertise
  • Representation in the tax authorities audit
  • Tax Authority supervision


Tax Planning

  • Tax planning and tax optimization
  • Tax schedule



  • Accounting, payroll, audit
  • Full tax authority administration
  • KOCKERD questionnaire


Tax Authority

  • Tax treatment participation, observation, presentation appeal
  • Personal Representative of attorney


Business and management consultancy

  • CIT, VAT, personal income tax and other tax advice
  • Regulatory compliance-related services
  • Screening of the entire administration
  • Advice for electronic invoicing, electronic archiving and electronic VAT declarations on and ensure the necessary systems


Forensic activities

  • The forensic expert mission to the court, the prosecutor, the police or other authority specified in the appointment of law, and expert opinion to help establish the facts of the matter is decided based on trade orders.
  • A professional answering questions about the lawsuit or the trial preparation done by the forensic experts.